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11/19/01: Urgh, it's official! 0catch drives my monkey up my nose isn't all too dependable so the mainpage will be on Dreamwater until I figure out where I should put what ^^;;
11/18/01: Even more MIDI's added, just classical, though ^^;;
11/16/01: 0catch's bandwidth is driving me nucking futs only 20 megabytes a day so I moved some of the Doujinshi to a more reliable .org destination. I swear that place made Zyfect, too.... ^^;; Lost Star: That Same Beautiful Song has a little random piccy kinda like I did for The Bishounen Boys does, but it's not much ^^;;
11/15/01: The 3rd chapter to Tamers: Splash Style is finished =^.^= And I updated this yesterday, but forgot to mention it, but the MIDI has a bunch more random classical stuff in it XD New affiliate!
11/11/01: Have a good Veteran's day, minna.. FET's digidub page has been moved to http://fet.digifandub.com so check it out when you get the chance, I did the logo Terriermon pic XD
11/10/01: MIDI page is finished. I added something else in it just for kicks XD
11/10/01: Grr... school does stink. FET's page is on the move so I'll be giving out the little lowdown on that, and check the site stuff on the frames for the media request board relating to Digimon stuff. Since Megchan's is gone peeps are looking for a new place to mooch off of... I'm working on dinky MIDI page since 0catch doesn't seem to support embedded MIDI files on the page... T_T
11/4/01: If I get a bad grade on my French project I can blame it on Zyfect :P All of the Doujinshi except the very first one has been moved ^_^
11/3/01: Pretty much everything except the Doujinshi section is up now, and Tamers: Splash Style has more pages up =^.^=
10/30/01: *Dies* Zyfect has decided that it's gonna shut down its free site service on Nov 5 -_-;;;;;;;;;; Well, I guess it's time for a move anyhow, this place is as slow as hell :P Keep yer bookymarkies on http://gottaito.cjb.net in the meantime... Those fellers were right. Commercial DOES stink. -_-
10/29/01: Halloween's coming up and I couldn't think of a pic to draw, and I wouldn't be able to CG it in time cuz I'm working on a couple right now ^^;; Anyhow, if anyone's still keeping tabs on my Livejournal now may be a nice time to check in on it, *cough*Digimon music lovers*cough*... ~_^ ^_~ ~_^
10/27/01: Cover for the 3rd chapter of Tamers: Splash Style is up, and I'll have pages up soon =^.^= Sorry for the slow progress, life has been busy :-)
10/22/01: Changed the MIDI for this page cuz Gravi music has caught on to me XD AiM's "My Tomorrow is moved into the Doujinshi contest page ^_^
10/21/01: It's my b-day today ^^;; And thus, I shall introduce my new style, the Bishounen Boys pic was just a preview ^^;; I fiddle around with literally two more options on my CG program and this is what I get. How's the new look? ^_^ Plus, it's the b-day of Celadon City's Digimon site, it's 1 year old... XD
10/16/01: Front pic deserves a change ^^;; For The Bishounen Boys yaoi fic series ^_^
10/15/01: Everybody luving Gravi? I sure am!! =^.^= And access to my scanner is back!! Yeah!!! I have the next 7 pages ready for TSS, but I don't feel like posting them up yet unless I get a buncha rampant fans loitering my email or I get the chapter finished or I can find a good spot to pause in the chapter, blah blah. Meanwhile, you can see a hint of my progress lately with the new stuff in the art section ^_^
10/14/01: Pathetic little 'ol me has gotten hopelessly obsessed with Gravitation to the point where I added some links to it in the links section on this site :P But the entire TV series (13 episodes) has just been finished being fansubbed by Ochiba Anime ^_^ If you go there fast enough you can download the whole friggin' bizznatch (.rm format) right off their site *_*
10/13/01: If you still remember that our house got flooded in and that the computer room with the scanner was hit, well.. my dad is rebuilding his collection :-) The comp with the scan installed to it still runs, and perhaps I may be able to get some scans in soon... got a lotta stuff... ~_^
10/10/01: Now somebody tell me how long it took for me to find some random time to check broken links, to find out that my first Taito doujinshi wasn't worked because I didn't upload the .htm files onto zyfect... XD Well, it should be working now, so you may all glare and laugh at my newbie beginnings of doujinshivism >_<
10/9/01: More oekaki added! ^_^
10/5/01: Ack, my comp has half crashed (all applications became unworkable) most likely due to my stupidity of downloading crap into my D Drive until I had 3 Gigabytes of free space to 100 megabytes >_< All those full episodes did me in, but once I get this all settled in, I think it'll be worth it ^_^; And the scanner's STILL down, and I'm not exactly in the mood to write fanfics with the sound busted on my comp still, so please try to bear with me ^_^ Email me or something if you would like with comments or if you're wondering what I'm downloading... (Gravitation... *_*)
9/30/01: Sorry for lack of updates, my scanner's still not connected, and I've been looking through all the Anime Clare sent me *huggles* And if anyone's curious about the progress for the next chapter of TSS, I've only got the cover and 8 pages done, so I'm about halfway ^_^ School and such has gotten in the way, or maybe I'm just putting too much detail into the pages. Before the former T_T Anyhow, keep a tab on my Livejournal for possible sneak-peeks ~_^

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